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American Flooring Distributors specializes in complete floor installation care, providing you custom flooring services and solutions that meet – and exceed – your needs. Founded on the philosophy of hard work, attention to detail and building long-lasting relationships, American Flooring Distributors offers both residential flooring and commercial flooring services to clients throughout Sacramento, Napa, and San Jose. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality floor coverings and high-quality services at competitive rates.

We offer clients an experienced and knowledgeable design team. Our estimating department and sales team work hand-in-hand with our clients to assure you get the best price and quality. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we have the resources and experience to exceed your expectations. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, and French.

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Northern California’s hospitality and commercial industries are always booming. Room demand is up and rates continue to jump. Maintaining a fresh, clean look is a key competitive edge in the hotel business. Hospitality design must stay fresh looking. One of the best ways hotels can stay ahead is by replacing its flooring. That’s when you call one of the leading flooring contractors in Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa and Silicon Valley.

Flooring makes a strong statement. Oftentimes, it defines the space. The right floor can offer the look of luxury and refinement that keeps guests coming back. With higher occupancies, comes higher foot traffic. Hotels require different flooring for different areas, but it all must meet the same criterion: it must perform, be slip-resistant and be able to hold up for long periods of time. Because of advances in technology and production, the market now offers a plethora of flooring material options that have dramatically changed hospitality flooring design.

American Flooring Distributors has been Sacramento’s leading professional floor installation company since 1985. As a top pick among flooring contractors near Sacramento, Napa, and the Bay Area, this local, family-owned and operated business, provides you with flooring installation experts. American Flooring Distributors experts specialize in complete floor care, and custom flooring solutions that meet – and exceed – your needs.

Founded on the philosophy of hard work, attention to detail and building long-lasting relationships, American Flooring Distributors is about choice. We provide beautiful premium flooring from the world’s leading manufacturers, giving our clients endless possibilities.

As one of the premier commercial and hospitality flooring contractors, we specialize in commercial flooring and high-end residential flooring installations, and offer a wide variety of options to make a powerful design statement!  As Northern California’s hospitality and commercial industries continue to grow, finding the perfect flooring contractors can be a difficult job. The way we look at commercial business mimics our residential mission exactly: high-quality, customer-targeted flooring installation. We work with some of the biggest contractors in Napa, Sacramento and the San Jose Area on major commercial projects, and are one of the top flooring subcontractors they call when they need assistance on large-scale projects. We specialize in carpet, hardwood, marble, porcelain, stone, vinyl, vinyl planks, laminate, and rubber flooring installations. For consumers wanting eco-friendly flooring, we also carry a selection of sustainable flooring installation options. Learn more about our flooring installation expertise and contact American Flooring Distributors today!