Hydra Mat- Waterproofing Membrane (Similar to Kerdi)

Cost is $1.40 per sq ft. compared to $1.60 for Kerdi.

Proflex Hydra Mat is a 3-ply waterproofing membrane designed to waterproof interior sub-floors and walls under thin-set tile applications. It can be installed directly over any cleaned and prepared surface including concrete, plywood, gypsum, cement board, or OSB board. The unique product construction sandwiches a polyethylene membrane between two polypropylene non-wovens to create an impermeable, waterproofing system that stops water from damaging the structure. Similar product to Kerdi by Schluter but for less! Hydra Mat. 3-ply waterproofing membrane shower designed to waterproof sub-floors and walls under thin-set tile applications.

Pre-formed sections of Hydra Mat are available for inside and outside corners, pipe protrusions and mixing valve openings.


100% waterproof guarantee
Mold and mildew resistant
Can be applied directly over clean sub-floor
Easy and quick installation


Concrete (Poured, Prestressed, Precast)
Cured (Mortar Beds, Self Leveling Compounds, Gypcrete)
Concrete Backerboards
Wood (Exterior Grade Plywood, Hardwood, Tongue and Groove, OSB)

39 inches / 1000 mm
98.4 feet / 30 meters
Area / Roll
319.8 ft²
0.02 inches / 0.5 mm