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FloorScore Certified

While ECORE accepts responsibility for its products and processes, it also offers third party certification information as a testament to the company’s quality, environmental standards, and product safety.
QT Sound Insulation is FloorScore certified. The FloorScore program was developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), which tests and certifies flooring as well as flooring insulation products, and confirms production facilities compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emission requirements. Individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are evaluated using health-based specifications.
Flooring products that earn FloorScore certification qualify for use in high performance schools and office buildings. QT rubber underlayments can also assist specifiers by potentially contributing toward earning 9 LEED points, making them a preferred choice for nearly any sound insulation application.


Many interior products have the potential to contribute points to LEED, but since credits are based on the performance of all the products involved in a particular project, there is not one stand-alone product that can guarantee you will obtain LEED credits. It is the combination, and the weight of each, that is critical.

QT Sound Insulation is designed to meet the stringent criteria required to help earn points under 2 of the 6 categories of LEED. Based on these criteria, QT products can assist specifiers by potentially contributing toward earning up to 7 LEED points in new construction and commercial interiors, and 9 LEED points in existing buildings.

For more information on how QT Sound Insulation can assist in contributing toward earning LEED credits, download the QT Sound Insulation and LEED accreditation guide.


Product Reclamation Program

As an advocate for sustainable design and eco-friendly living, ECORE has developed Redeux, a material reclamation program, to further our commitment to reducing waste, reusing scrap, and recycling old products and samples in order to manufacture new products.
Recycled rubber and cork products from these ECORE brands may apply: ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring, Everlast Fitness Flooring, QT Sound Insulation, PlayGuard Safety Surfacing, Pavesafe, and ECORE Industrial products.
Material id accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please visit to see ECORE’s guidelines and requirements for the reclamation program.

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