PROFLEX™ Hydra-Seal is a thin, load bearing, crack suppression, waterproof membrane, it provides a monolithic transition for crack-isolation and waterproofing applications. The material is installed in a semi-fluid state and can be applied to most shapes or irregular form such as base flashings, walls, etc.


Typical Use

Bathrooms, Showers, Tub Surrounds
Exterior Balconies *with no occupied living space below
Economical 1 coat crack suppression
Economical 2 coat waterproofing
Countertops for tile or stone installations
Fountain and Pools areas


  • Cold Applied
  • Rated extra heavy duty
  • Non-flammable characteristics works especially well for interior applications
  • Offers both intermittent and continuous resistance from moisture vapor and hydrostatic pressure up to 7# per 1000sqft-24 hour CaCl test.
  • Dries Overnight
  • 1/4″ Crack Isolation

Companion Products

  • Mesh

Data Sheets

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