PROFLEX™ MS-225 Moisture Vapor Reducer is a polymer based, solvent free product with multiple uses. MS-225 will reduce vapor emission levels on concrete slabs from 9lbs or 85% RH down to acceptable levels. MS-225 can also be used on concrete slabs with moisture levels up to 12lbs or 90% RH when used in a two-coat application. MS-225 also encapsulates old adhesive residue, (including cut-back asphalt adhesive residue), can seal dusty substrates, reduce porosity of gypsum and is alkali resistant. This is a concrete moisture sealer that is easy to use and can insure an install will not be ruined because of moisture vapor. Notable products have been completed in San Francisco and Sacramento where moisture mitigation was able to be accomplished with minimal investment of time or money. This product is the same as a Parabond MVR 8000 at a better value.



  • Reduces Moisture Vapor transmission up to 12 lbs or 90% Rh
  • May be used as a Primer for PROFLEX elastomeric membranes in place of the PR-Series Primers where slabs exceed 5#/1000sqft.-24 hours vapor transmission.
  • Seals Dusty Substrates, Reduces porosity of Gypsum, Alkali resistant
  • Ideal for Fast-Track projects for concrete slabs not at full cure time (28 days)

 Suitable Surfaces

  • Concrete (Poured,Prestressed, Precast)
  • Concrete Backerboards
  • Cured (Mortar Beds, Self Leveling Compounds, Gypcrete)
  • Wood (Exterior Grade Plywood, Hardwood, Tongue and Groove, OSB)

Coverages, Packaging

  • 1 Gallon (3.87l) Container, 4 Containers/ Carton
  • 4 Gallon (15.48l) Container, 48 Containers/ Pallet
  • For surfaces requiring up to 9#/1000sqft. or 85% rH 300sq.ft per gallon in a single coat application
  • For surfaces requiring up to 12#/1000sqft. or 90% rH 225sq.ft per gallon in a two coat application

*Note Coverage will vary depending on porosity of substrate and application type.

Data Sheets

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