Penetrating Sealer

PROFLEX™SULFAMIC ACID CLEANER is a concentrated crystalline form of sulfamic acid for use in a water solution to remove cement smears, excess grout, efflorescence, and other mineral deposits.


Features and Benefits

  • Protection from Oil and Water based stains
  • Penetrates most tile and stone surfaces
  • Enhances the color and shine of surface being applied to
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Controls Efflorescence


  • Preparation: Clean area with PROFLEX TILE & GROUT CLEANER and dry area prior to application. Due to variations between surfaces, PROFLEX recommends doing sample applications prior to full installation. Some shading of surface may occur. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for its intended use.
  • Application: DO NOT DILUTE OR THIN PRODUCT FOR ANY REASON. Apply PROFLEX ENHANCING SEALER evenly to surface using a clean towel, paint roller or brush. Allow 3-5 minutes for product to work into surface. Wipe up excess product with a clean towel. Process should be repeated 2 hours after first application, and for best results, a third appli-cation is recommended. Allow 24-72 hours after final application to fully cure. If excess amount has dried and formed a residue, it may be removed by re-applying product and immediately wiping off while surface is wet.

Data Sheets

Requires Adobe Reader Data Sheet / Application Guidelines

Requires Adobe Reader Material Safety Data Sheet

WARRANTY: Due to the nature of product use, PROFLEX will only warrant the product to be free from manufacturing defects to only the purchase price of the product. No warranties or liability will be assumed for damages of any kind. The suitability of the product for an application is solely up to the user.