PROFLEX™ Pro Paper is a light to medium duty floor covering product. Installs quickly and easily to protect a variety of surfaces from foot traffic, dirt, dust, light debris, and moisture. Non staining to finished flooring surfaces. Breathable product that does not restrict the curing of mortars and/or adhesives. Product is made from 100 percent recycled materials, and is eligible to be used towards LEED building certifications.



  • Surface protection.


  • 100 % recycled product. Can be submitted for LEED projects
  • Installs quickly and lays flat to finish surface.
  • Provides temporary protection of flooring surfaces from, dirt, debris, and moisture
  • Material is vapor permeable, allowing proper curing of mortars and adhesives.
  • Non-staining to finish surfaces.
  • Made in the USA.

Suitable Surfaces

  • Finished Flooring

Coverages, Packaging

  • 36″ x 144′ roll
  • 432 sq.ft.

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Warranty based on the system of materials used to install finish flooring products.
Please refer to our full warranty information for specific terms and conditions.