QTscu Sound Control Underlayment

ECORE QTscu is the original and leading recycled rubber underlayment.

QTscu Sound Control Underlayment is a flat, resilient rubber underlayment used directly under most floor finishes, yielding exceptional results even under hard surface flooring and over concrete and wood joist construction.

QTscu Sound Control Underlayment is available in 48” wide rolls and five standard thicknesses- 2mm to 15mm. Also available with a waterproof membrane, QTscu rubber underlayment can be installed under most types of grouted, glued, and floating floors including ceramic tile, stone, marble, brick, pavers, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, parquet, LVT, sheet vinyl, and carpet. Made from 92% resilient recycled rubber and backed by over 400 independent laboratory and field tests, QTscu has been selected and used in some of the best hotels and condominiums in the world.



  • Fast, hassle-free installation
  • Compatible with most floor finishes
  • Available in 48-inch wide rolls and a variety of standard and custom thicknesses
  • Waterproof membrane option available
  • Doubles as a Tile Council of North America (TCNA)-rated high performance crack isolation membrane
  • Can thin-set tile directly to 2 and 5 millimeter (mm) thicknesses per ASTM C627
  • Compatible with radiant heat flooring systems
  • Five mm thick QT performs better than 12 mm cork per ASTM E2179

Product Details

ProductThicknessRoll DimensionsRoll WeightType A Hardness
QT40022mm (1/8″)48″ x 75′90 lbs. minimum40 durometer min.
QT40055mm (1/4″)48″ x 30′90 lbs. minimum40 durometer min.
QT401010mm (3/8″)48″ x 15′90 lbs. minimum40 durometer min.
QT401212mm (1/2″)48″ x 15′108 lbs. minimum40 durometer min.
QT501515mm (5/8″)48″ x 15′135lbs. minimum50 durometer min.

Test Results

8 inch Concrete SlabNOTileQT400550-
8 inch Concrete SlabNOTileQT40105354
8 inch Concrete SlabNOTileQT40125559
8 inch Concrete SlabNOTileQT401256-F-
8 inch Concrete SlabNOWoodQT40025453
8 inch Concrete SlabYESWoodQT40027172
7 inch Concrete SlabNOTileQT400551-F-
7 inch Concrete SlabNOWoodQT400558-F-
HAMBRO D5000YESTileQT50155861
HAMBRO D5000YESWoodQT501558-
HAMBRO D5000YESWoodQT40105154
Open Web TrussYESTileQT40065355
Open Web TrussYESTileQT400556-F55
Open Web TrussYESVinylQT400556-F-
Open Web TrussYESTileQT400556-F54
Open Web TrussYESWoodQT400567-F-
Open Web TrussYESTileQT4010 x 2 layers54-
Open Web TrussYESCarpetQT4010 x 2 layers67-
TJI-TypeYESWoodQT4005 x 2 layers64-F-
Steel Bar JoistYESTitleQT501556-F-

Single Slab Concrete


Wood Joist Construction


Open Web Truss