Rubber-Cork Flooring Underlayment

American Flooring Distributors has the largest stock of PROFLEX™ RCU-250 in New York and California. RCU 250 is an advanced composite sound control underlayment utilizing a combination of natural and engineered products to achieve superior IIC (Impact Insulation Class) and STC (Sound Transmission Class) sound reduction ratings. The product is also easy to install using a direct bond method, and is compatible with a variety of substrates and adhesives. PROFLEX™ RCU-250 thickness is 250/1000 of an inch or 1/4″.

American Flooring Distributors offers an industry leading sound reduction in a single layer membrane product. RCU products typically meet or exceed most community building code, developer, or condominium requirements. The product also installs quickly and minimizes transition issues.
In addition to the sound benefits. The product has been engineered and produced in a manor that meets several criteria supporting green / environmental building requirements. Using RCU products will assist a builder in qualifying for LEED™ Green Building Rating System.


  • Easy and fast to install with standard tools
  • Ready for tiling immediately after installation
  • Crack Suppression
  • Sound Control


  • Concrete (Poured, Prestressed, Precast)
  • Cured (Mortar Beds, Self Leveling Compounds, Gypcrete)
  • Concrete Backerboards
  • Wood (Exterior Grade Plywood, Hardwood, Tongue and Groove, OSB)


  • 120 sq.ft. per roll
  • 1/4″  x 4′ x 30′ roll