San Francisco Concrete Moisture Sealer

PROFLEX™ MS-225 Moisture Vapor Reducer is a polymer based, solvent free product with multiple uses. MS-225 will reduce vapor emission levels on concrete slabs from 9lbs or 85% RH down to acceptable levels. MS-225 can also be used on concrete slabs with moisture levels up to 12lbs or 90% RH when used in a two-coat application. MS-225 also encapsulates old adhesive residue, (including cut-back asphalt adhesive residue), can seal dusty substrates, reduce porosity of gypsum and is alkali resistant.

SURFACE PREPARATION: When using PROFLEX MS-225 as a moisture vapor reducer over concrete slabs, it is extremely important that the concrete must be porous enough such, that the PROFLEX MS-225 can penetrate into the pores of the concrete. This can be done by placing 1” droplets of water at various locations of the installation. Wait 10 minutes from applying droplets and if the water has not significantly absorb into the concrete, the surface is considered to be no porous. If your testing results determine that your concrete slab is not sufficiently porous, do not apply PROFLEX MS-225 . If a CaCl moisture test exceeds 12lbs/1000sqft. –24hrs (CaCl) or 90% RH, do not apply PROFLEX MS-225 and contact PROFLEX technical support for further consultation.

The installation area must be properly acclimated at a minimum temperature of 65 degrees F and Relative Humidity below 60%. The HVAC system must be running and doors and windows must be attached to achieve a secure environment. Saw cuts, construction joints, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned and treated as follows: Using a paintbrush, thoroughly coat all surfaces of the joint or crack with PROFLEX MS-225 to ensure that a continuous membrane will be achieved once the application of PROFLEX MS-225 has been completed, OR Using a filler material intended for that purpose, fill the joint or crack to just below the surface level of the concrete so that a continuous membrane of PROFLEX MS-225 can be achieved. Expansion joints should not be bridged. PROFLEX does not warrant against film breakage due to movement of concrete joints and cracks. Concrete surfaces must be clean, visibly dry, and free of dirt, debris, wax, sealers, or any other type of product that would inhibit PROFLEX MS -225 from penetrating the substrate. Concrete shall be tested for alkalinity using pH paper, pencil or digital meter, readings not exceeding 11.