San Francisco Mega Sound Control Proflex 90

Proflex Peel and Stick Membrane Installation

One of the many benefits of the Proflex “peel and stick” membranes is the ease of use. Other benefits are crack isolation and sound control under tile or wood.

  • Easy and fast to install with standard tools
  • Ready for tiling immediately after installation
  • Crack and joint isolation up to 3/8″
  • Crack Suppression
  • Sound Control
  • Moisture Vapor Protection up to 5# per 1000 sq.ft/24 hr
  • *CaCl2 Test (see installation instructions)


  • Concrete (Poured, Prestressed, Precast)
  • Cured (Mortar Beds, Self Leveling Compounds, Gypcrete)
  • Concrete Backerboards
  • Wood (Exterior Grade Plywood, Hardwood, Tongue and Groove, OSB)


  • 100 sq.ft. per roll
  • 3′ x 33.3′ roll boxed