San Francisco Sound Deadning for Floors

Proflex sound control products provide the necessary STC and IIC levels that exceed industry standards. Using a sound barrier in new construction can add value to your project and help keep your tenants happy. Proflex RCU 250 and Proflex 90 are state of the art flooring underlayments commonly used under tile and wood. Cost is anywhere from $1.50-$4.00 per square foot depending on the size and scope of the project. These products are made in the USA and have the scientific testing to go along with the claims.

If you are a developer in San Jose, Sacramento, or San Francisco, and about to build multi-unit residential properties, please consider Proflex. Check out our list of projects and you will see why owners and developers have been using our sound control for their floors.

Projects such as the Infinite Condominiums at 201 Folsom St. in San Francisco designed in part by Arquitectonica are examples where Proflex products are specifically called out to assist in sound control. The other great part is that our products are distributed out of Sacramento. This allows us to make daily deliveries into the Bay Area.

According to the Warranty of Quiet Possession, California Civil Code Section 1927, tenants have an implied right to quiet enjoyment in their rental agreement. Section 2915 of the San Francisco Police Code establishes guidelines for noise regulations: It is unlawful for any person to make, continue, cause or permit any unnecessary, excessive or offensive noise. This includes vocal or instrumental music and related sounds, live or produced mechanically, which disturbs the peace or causes the annoyance or discomfort of any reasonable person.

Now we know there is a code but is your unit built with the proper products conducive to soundproofing? American Flooring Distributors has the solutions. We offer multiple sound control products for floors. Any of our products under tile, wood, or vinyl will help keep your neighbor happy. Homeowner Associations and Condo Associations have been using Proflex for years. Proflex allows you to create a barrier between the floor and your neighbors ceiling.  Architects and designers have also been specifying these products when new construction is being built. Hopefully, with noise becoming such a huge issue, these products will be seen as a way to prevent noise pollution in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.