Sustainability | QT Sound Control

American Flooring Distributors is proud to distribute QT Sound Control by ECORE in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Made from 92 percent recycled tire rubber, the QT brand of products provides an environmentally responsible solution for quality sound control by using and reusing industrial and post-consumer waste.

ECORE International, manufacturer of QT Sound Insulation, is committed to using resources wisely to protect the environment. As North America’s largest user of scrap tire rubber, ECORE converts more than four million tires annually to create recycled rubber surfacing and underlayments.Meets California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.1–2010 for emissions evaluation
Composed of post-consumer recycled material
E-Grip III is a zero VOC-calculated one-component urethane adhesive that delivers 50% lower VOCs than the most demanding standard in the industry (SCAQMD Rule #1168)

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